Metal Processing and Production


As dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive procedure, it is remarkably well suited for cleaning of moulds and casting tools. When the cleaning process is done with the help of dry ice, which has a hardness of up to 2 Mohs, it causes no damage or deformation to the cleaned surface. The dry ice is blasted onto the surface and sublimes shortly after, which leaves the mould without any residue and ready to be worked with. This cleaning method is a helpful way of optimizing production processes because it reduces downtime.


Aviation Industry

With dry ice blasting, pollutants such as brake dust, teflon tape, silicone, phenol, epoxy, carbon or graphite are easily removed without residue. Moreover, it is an efficient cleaning procedure for engine compartment covers, landing gear systems, breakdown couplings, and other aircraft elements. This ensures a flawless functioning of the machines, which will definitely result in an elevated level of safety. Cleaning with dry ice can successfully remove all soiling without any distortion to the geometrical forms and dimensions, a crucial aspect in aerodynamics. Furthermore, dry ice blasting is an excellent preparation technique for the surface prior to re-painting.

Automotive Industry

Cleaning with dry ice is widely used in the automotive industry, both during manufacturing as well as for finished car parts. This process is an inexpensive and, above all, timesaving alternative to conventional cleaning options. It includes, for example, the cleaning of all kinds of moulds, robots, extruders or production plants in the manufacture of automotive parts. Dry ice is used to remove dirt without using water or chemical cleaning agents. During the cleaning process, the object to be cleaned is blasted with dry ice under high pressure. Dirt, grease and other contaminants freeze to -78 °C and then are blown off the surface by the air pressure. When utilizing this method, the machines do not have to cool down, and only seldomly disassembled. Dry ice blasting makes it easy to clean small holes, eyelets and bevels; it is environmentally friendly and not abrasive.


Electric Motor Industry

For a cost-effective and uncomplicated cleaning of electric motors, we strongly recommend dry ice blasting. The gentle process easily removes soiling such as cable deposits, oil residue and residual pulp. All metal parts will remain undamaged and there is no secondary waste. With the help of dry ice, we can make your electric motors free of insulation material, paint and other coatings and residue.

Medical Device Manufacturing

Because the production of medical devices allows minimal room for error, it is crucial to keep all micro-cavities in the production moulds clean. Furthermore, the cleaning of clamping devices used in manufacturing and removing any welds or burrs (deburring) from the final products are very important. Dry ice blasting can definitely help you with these processes. Cleaning with dry ice is done by using a machine that shoots tiny fragments of dry ice at the dirty surface, and the sub-zero dry ice pellets will expand upon contact with the residue, causing it to detach from the surface underneath.


Printing Industry

Since conventional cleaning processes have a high downtime, they are often delayed. Printing presses and packaging moulds are generally delicate and can be easily damaged or deformed, which is likely the case with standard cleaning methods. Furthermore, clogged vents and residue on machine components can reduce printing speed. However, you can easily avoid this issue with dry ice blasting. The machines do not have to be cooled down and often do not require disassembly, which means the cleaning time is significantly reduced by modern cleaning standards. And by not using chemical agents, it is not only health-friendly, but also very environmentally friendly. Because the process utilizes dry ice, which is just solidified carbon dioxide, there are no hazardous solvents or chemicals, and very little residue for after cleaning.

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