Other Blasting Services

When you need an alternative to dry ice...

At AMG-Tech, we always strive to satisfy our clients as much as possible. Our dry ice selections are therefore extensive and versatile. For many industries, dry ice blasting is hard to beat given its thoroughness and efficiency. Yet, there are materials that are unsuitable for dry ice and blasting with another medium would be more optimal. In such cases, our clients do not need to look any further because we work closely with Saar Industrie Service GmbH, an affiliate of AMG-Tech GmbH.

Since 2005, Saar Industrie Service GmbH has been proving itself as a high-performance and reliable service partner for industrial and machine cleaning, as well as for complete service in maintenance cleaning. Their client base ranges from well-known industrial heavyweights to small local enterprises and manufacturers. In their business practice, Saar Industrie Service GmbH place great importance on work safety, employment security and eco-friendly cleaning. That is why we at AMG-Tech entrust in the skills of Saar Industrie Service with all cleaning requests that go beyond our capacity.

„Optimal Service at affordable Price“

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