In Other Crafts

Tile Removal

You can easily remove floor tiles with the aid of dry ice. Just place a small amount of dry ice on the tile and wait for the cement underneath to freeze, thereby detaching itself from the floor. This procedure is particularly unique from traditional removal methods because it creates no sound pollution and leaves no residue.


In Agriculture

It is common knowledge that plants help increase the level of oxygen in the atmosphere through photosynthesis. During such procedure, they require carbon dioxide (CO2). By adding small quantities of dry ice to your green house, the sublimation process of dry ice enriches your plants with carbon dioxide and thereby supports a bountiful harvest.

Pest Control

Big cities often struggle with a high number of rats and other vermin that is difficult to exterminate. Aside from strict requirements by the City Environmental Office and high costs for an effective toxin, some infested places such as restaurants or food manufacturers are difficult to exterminate because the use of poison is prohibited.

Dry ice is an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to toxins. This new method revolutionised pest control in big cities such as New York, Boston and Chicago in summer 2018, with a success rate of 90-100%.

This method is notably preferable in urban environments where rats and other rodents tend to build their nests underneath public parks. It is especially effective in the case when the presence of food leftovers and other waste left behind in public places distract the rodents from the pre-installed traps.

Dry ice can be placed directly at the entrances to the underground caves. With rising temperatures, the ice sublimates into its gaseous state and overwhelms the oxygen in the caves. As opposed to rat poison, dry ice is safe for other animals and for use in sterile environments.


Road Construction

An important process in road construction is core drilling, which generates high temperatures that subsequently must be cooled down with large amount of water. This leads to significant soiling of the construction site, which must be cleaned afterwards. An alternative approach is to cool down the ground with dry ice prior to drilling, a method that not only saves water, but also time and resources.

Creating Fog Effect

When hosting events, technical teams can use dry ice to create astonishing fog effects. By adding warm water to dry ice, you can create a cool fog that doesn’t rise but spreads across the floor. Furthermore, dry ice fog is odour-neutral and more pleasant than machine-produced fog.

Another trend that has gained popularity is the use of dry ice in molecular kitchen. You can use it to make cocktails with amazing fog effects or to arrange and simultaneously cool food on the platter, an effect that surely pleases the eye as much as the taste buds!


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