Plastics and Rubber Processing Industry

Packaging Industry

When packaging is printed during production, there are often ink stains on the conveyor belts after printing. Therefore, it is customary to completely disassemble the conveyor belts every four to ten days to thoroughly clean them with water and detergent. However, this tedious process is no longer necessary with dry ice blasting because it meticulously cleans even the smallest joints and cavities, without cooling time or disassembly. It is a cleaning process that is performed without water or chemicals, and is particularly gentle on your production equipment. Dry ice blasting not only saves cleaning time, but also helps minimize downtime.


Plastics Industry

In order to meet the standards for manufacturing high-quality plastic parts, clean mould cavities and mould ventilation holes are essential. Deposits on the surface can lead to product deformation, inadequate product quality and damage to the tools. Since conventional cleaning is cumbersome and creates many types of secondary waste, cleaning with dry ice is strongly recommended for your machines. Dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive, gentle cleaning process without water or chemicals. Because the machines can be cleaned even when they are still warm after production, your downtime is definitely minimized and your productivity should then increase.

Rubber Industry

A major problem that rubber producers face is contaminant in moulds. Residue of cured materials and mould can cause sticky forms, blemishes and unwanted burrs on the finished parts. With the gentle and efficient dry ice blasting, the moulds will not be damaged while still being cleaned without residue. Burrs, burn marks, and “short shots” on the product caused by clogged vent holes are other issues that occur on a regular basis and they may lower production output. The dry ice blasting process can prevent such production obstacles without major disassembly or cooling down time. This will help you maintain the longevity of your machines and increase your business productivity.


Wood Industry

Cleaning angle grinders or other machines used in the wood industry is very time-consuming and not without danger for the cleaning staff. Workers must work in close proximity to the machine and are exposed to hazardous dust residue. In addition, traditional cleaning is not completely effective because many parts of the machine are difficult to reach and therefore cannot be cleaned manually. Dry ice cleaning can easily, quickly and effectively overcome all these challenges. Dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive and environmentally friendly cleaning process that uses no chemical agents and produces no secondary waste.

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