An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Method

Mould Remediation

In conventional mould remediation, wood stains and mould are removed through sanding and scraping. However, this process is very time consuming and often leaves traces of mould in the deeper wood planes. On the other hand, chemical cleaning or blasting with soda may leave marks on the wood surface, which would require even further cleaning. Dry ice blasting is an excellent alternative that creates no residue, purifies to the pores and is eco-friendly and harmless.


Monuments Maintenance

Restoration can be a very difficult process: not only due to soiling is particularly persistent on monuments that have unique designs, but also because the cleaning must be effective and yet gentle. Since historic monuments and buildings often have very fine structures, dry cleaning or blasting with sand or soda are completely unsuitable. These methods are too rough and would damage or disfigure the structures and patterns. In contrast, cleaning with dry ice is gentle because it is non-abrasive and would thus preserve the composition of these structures. Moreover, dry ice blasting is eco-friendly and leaves no secondary waste. Therefore, this method is strongly recommended for sensitive surfaces.

Graffiti Removal

It is often the case that public buildings such as churches or pier pillars are smeared with graffiti. While some may consider graffiti to be a form of street art, others would prefer public buildings free of such paintings. Dry ice cleaning is particularly suitable for this situation, as the gentle process does not damage the masonry. In addition, this eco-friendly type of cleaning can be used on virtually any surface.


Fire Restoration

After a fire, it is necessary to sanitize, decontaminate and renovate the premises as quickly as possible in order to make the area habitable again. Traditionally, clean-up teams employ labour-intensive procedures such as grinding the soot residue on wood components or using wire brushes for cumbersome treatments. However, these methods are time consuming and, most importantly, ineffective in eliminating odours. That is why cleaning with dry ice is highly recommended. It is an environmentally friendly blasting process that penetrates even the small joints and tight angles, removing dirt, ash or stains without using water or chemicals.

Energy Plants

In order to maximize efficiency in energy production, it is particularly vital that all machines and operating systems remain in their best condition through regular maintenance and cleaning. Dry ice blasting is strongly recommended as an efficient and timesaving cleaning process. There is no need to wait for the machines to cool down and cleaning can start immediately after stopping these machines. This would minimize the downtime of your businesses. In addition, it is unnecessary to disassemble the machines because the dry ice can penetrate into even the smallest corners and joints. Most importantly, dry ice blasting is a non-conductive and eco-friendly cleaning process that is safe for the staff.


Oldtimer Restoration

Although a patina can give your vintage car its unique charm, you still need to maintain your vehicle properly in order to ensure its longevity. Wear and tear or rust can seriously damage your car in the long run. Thanks to our diverse blasting services, we are able to free the body of you car from all these problems. We can even offer you a complete package with our additional painting service so that your collector items will always remain in the most beautiful condition.

Food and Beverage Production

Very few industries have hygiene standards that are as strict as those for beverage and food production. Residue on machines and equipment may not only lower production quality, but can also pose serious health hazards and risk of cross-contamination. Dry ice blasting can clean food-processing systems without scrubbing agents, using water or any other harmful chemicals that could contaminate the food. Because dry ice sublimates upon impact, there is no secondary waste. Dry ice cleaning is a non-abrasive, non-conductive and eco-friendly blasting procedure that is considered food-safe. Therefore, it is strongly recommended for cleaning the surface of food-processing systems.


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