In Medicine

Surgical Procedures

Some surgical procedures require rapid cooling of a singular body part or entire organs. Dry ice enables you to freeze locally, or the entire body, without complicated machinery. Furthermore, it is well-suited for cooling tissue samples during transportation to the lab. The medical samples will remain intact and guarantee a more accurate diagnosis. Our dry ice is conspicuously sterile and food-safe.


Transport of Organs

Dry ice is widely used for the adequate transportation of organs for donation, transplant or examination. Its significantly low temperature of -78°C allows for longer freezing period of organs and tissue samples. Thus, dry ice can easily facilitate long-distance transportation without loss of sample quality.


Warts can be removed with dry ice by freezing them. The cryotherapy, generally known as freezing or cold treatment, locally freezes the wart to prepare it for complete removal. The cold burn doesn’t damage any surrounding tissue; instead it spreads vertically direct to the root. As only small amounts are being applied to the area that needs treatment, only the upper skin layers die and no permanent harm is done to the tissue.

Another dermatological procedure that is gaining popularity is the cryo-massage. It is mainly used to revive the immune system, mobilize the hormonal system and fight stress and fatigue, and thus improve your overall health.



Chemotherapy can help cancer patients in the battle of their lives but it does have a noticeable side effect: hair loss. An effective method to reduce hair loss during chemotherapy is by using innovative cold caps. The cold caps are frozen with dry ice prior to the therapy, and then worn by the patients during the chemo procedure. The cold inhibits blood circulation in the head and thus prevents the hair roots from absorbing the chemicals, thereby slowing down the hair loss.

Medical Devices

The production of medical devices allows minimal room for error. This means the devices need to be in top-notch sanitary conditions as well as satisfy every small technical design. Therefore, meticulously clean micro-cavities of your production moulds or clamping devices, or the proper deburring of workpieces are of vital importance. With dry ice blasting, you can expect a clean and sterile production environment that will guarantee only the best medical devices.


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